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Strategic Goals

As a result of our strategic planning effort, the board identified a set of 7 goals for the Beaches Democratic Club.  One overarching goal (#1) establishes the ultimate target at which all of our other efforts are ultimately aimed.  Six short and medium-range goals (2-7) are geared to address immediate issues and needed improvements that will enhance our ability to support the election of democrats in the future.


  1. Strengthen democracy by electing democrats.
  2. Provide Beaches Democratic Club members with the critical knowledge and tools they need to reach out to their communities in support of democracy

  3. Increase and diversify membership in the Beaches Democratic Club

  4. Increase member engagement and participation in the Beaches Democratic Club

  5. Upgrade and update communication and networking

  6. Support the recruitment of effective committee men and women who will galvanize their precincts

  7. Network with outside groups

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